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Frequently Asked Questions

  • First, we need a copy of your artwork then we digitize the file of your logo for the embroidery machines. You are sent a copy of the "sewout" for approval. Once we receive your approval we will schedule your garments for production and notify you of the ship date. We keep your logo on file and re-orders are processed promptly.
  • No, there are some limitations. Lettering must be at least 1/4 inch in height. The design should have 9 colors or less. Very small logos will lose some detail. Remember you are dealing with needle and thread and this creates limitations, if you have any concerns on your logo just call and we will be happy to answer any questions.
  • Yes, we will consider your entire order to determine the price. For instance, if your order is 12 shirts, 24 sweats, and 12 jackets, the entire order will be priced lower to reflect a 48 piece order.
  • No, if your order consists of different colored item we will gladly embroider your logo in different colors to go with your goods and at no additional charge.
  • The left chest (hat) and full back sizes require two different set ups.
  • Once your design is stored in our database it can be used as many times as you place orders.
  • Yes, if you choose to send in your own items to embroider you must send in a minimum of twelve pieces.
  • The first order requires a 7–10 business day time to receive a sewn sample. After that depending on the size of the order and the stitch count, the estimated turn time is at least two weeks.
  • We will make every effort to make your event date, expediting charges and/or special shipping charges may occur.
  • We have stock designs and letter fonts that can be used to create a logo for you. If you have a trademarked or unique design, it will have to be digitized to duplicate.